5 Ways To Improve Your Mornings with Chronic Illness

The Chronically Better You team wants to set you up for success! We’re on your side; we want to help you make your life better. But it doesn’t happen overnight. Patience is essential here; real change is a slow process. We are confident that in making the right moves, over time good days will begin to outnumber the bad.

But let’s not jump the gun here. Start small.

We know an excellent morning sets us up for a good day. An entire day can be determined by the first hour in which we wake up, and when you feel unwell or unmotivated, it is not easy to get things going right. So let’s set ourselves up for a good morning.

  • Prepare the Night Before - Make your lunch, pack your bags, and put a glass of water by your bed before you go to bed. A few preps will make waking up and starting your day less stressful and more manageable. And the water…?
  • HydrateDehydration happens when you’re not paying attention, and it makes getting going a little tougher. Have a glass of water by your bed to sip at night or in the morning - it’s remarkable how it can improve the way you feel when you wake up and give you a refreshing burst of energy.
  • At the SinkBrush your teeth and splash your face! Sure, they’re apparent for health reasons but they also generally make you feel rejuvenated. Your mouth’s hygiene has a more significant impact on your mood than you might realize and having a clean one can help get the drowsy, sleepy feeling out. Same with the water, it gives you a little shock and wakes you up! Doing these few morning tasks can give you newfound energy in the morning.
  • Get MovingWhether it is walking the dog, going to the gym, grabbing the paper from outside, or some stretching in your living room, get moving! Moving more isn’t solely for physical fitness - getting your blood flowing should make the transition into your day easier. It’s not easy at first, but eventually, your body will adjust and look forward to this feeling.
  • Shower OffNothing starts the day like a shower to feel fresh and rejuvenated. We know that even this task can feel daunting at times with a chronic disease. Don’t let your illness keep you from doing so crucial to starting your day off right. Sometimes it’s all you need to feel ready to take on the world, especially when we’re striving for as many good days as possible. If you can, try spending the last 30-60 seconds under cool water. It can give you a burst of energy, reduce inflammation, and has other benefits. 

These five tasks might seem straightforward, but they really can help you get going in the morning. And getting started right just might help lead to better days, weeks - and who knows where it can take you? By using the Better Life Patient Journal, you can follow these small tasks, create your own, and figure out the best plan for YOU! 

Creating habits isn’t easy. We empathize with you. Sometimes it’s physically taxing and mentally draining. Other times, the little things seem so daunting that we question whether it’s worth it. The trick is to stick with it - eventually, they’ll become natural and effortless actions. A little work now can lead to feeling calmer and better about things - soon! Keep the focus and striving towards that better life.

We hope you are feeling well today and on your way to becoming a Chronically Better You.


Brian Greenberg

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