Bookending Your Days With A Chronic Illness

Living with a chronic disease isn’t easy. We deal with a constant roller coaster ride which we have little control over. This can be frustrating and be draining for a patient, both mentally and physically. After riding this roller coaster, we give up on routines we might have had before being diagnosed or it could be so long since we had routines that we forgot how important they are.

Imagine what life would be like if you were able to add a little bit of structure and make the roller coaster ride more predictable? During any day with a chronic disease, there are many moments that we can’t predict or control. This is where bookending your days can drastically change your life and add the consistency many patients would love.

Here is how it works and it actually starts the night before with the Better Life Patient Journal. Before getting into bed, you spend 5 minutes with your journal to review the day that just ended and also prepare for the day ahead. This process allows you to clear your head and get your thoughts down on paper before getting into bed. It’s been shown that this not only allows you to get a better nights sleep by getting your thoughts out, but it also gives you a plan going into the next day.

During this time at night you will:

  • Review your mental and physical task for the day
  • Write down any lessons you learned
  • Share any wins that you had during the day
  • Practice gratitude for the good that happened
  • Plan out the next day with time blocking
  • Jot down your goals for the day ahead

Taking just a few minutes the night before and completing the above tasks will propel you into the following day.

Now when you wake up in the morning you’ll have a clear plan on what is ideally ahead of you. We aren’t saying it’s going to all go as planned, but you might be amazed as to what can be done when you wake up with a plan, compared to when you wake up without one.

In the morning you will

  • Review the day ahead
  • Look at the tasks you wrote down and prepare to tackle them
  • “Eat the frog” and get ready for your one big task
  • Practice morning gratitude to put yourself in a positive mindset
  • Read your affirmations
  • Get ready for both your mental and physical task for the day

Instantly your days will be jump-started by having everything planned out the night before and ready to take action when you start your day. There are times when I personally look back on when I didn’t have goals each day and I woke up without a plan. Now life is completely different knowing that when I start each morning, I will not only have a goal in mind but that I will have a sense of purpose with chronic disease. We know that you can have the same sense of purpose and change your life around too with our Better Life Patient Journal.

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