Chronically Better You - A Lifestyle System Made By Patients, For Patients

So what is this lifestyle system for chronic disease patients? It starts with the Better Life Patient Journal. Our founder Brian Greenberg has spent years reading about some of the most successful people in the world. During this time, Brian realized that many of the daily routines which are incorporated into their lives, can truly help patients once they were tailored to a chronic disease patients life. 

This is what led to the development of the Better Life Journal. It takes many of the daily habits which have guided extremely successful multi millionaires, and puts them into an easy to follow journal to guide a patient from day to day. Learning how to be more productive with their time while managing their disease. Plus at the same time track both their mental and physical wellness. 

It starts with setting easy to follow daily habits which can slowly change your life. A few of these are:

  • Periodization
  • Goal Setting
  • Bookending Your Days
  • Tracking
  • Grattitude
  • And More

By spending just a few minutes each day practicing all of the above, you will possibly see a drastic difference in your life. Having structure and purpose can not only help lower your stress level while living with a disease but also allow you to be more focused on taking your health to a better place. 

Here is a quick video explaining what Chronically Better You is and how our Better Life Journal can help you. 

Our team is developing even more to help patients live a better life as well. In the near future you will be seeing our:

  • Better Life Caregiver Journal
  • Chronically Better You Podcast
  • Chronically Better University 
  • And More

We hope that you are just as excited to take the next step in your life, as we are to watch you. Join the Chronically Better You family and back our Kickstarter today! Thank you in advance for your support and confidence. 

Brian Greenberg

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