About Us

Chronically Better You (CBY) was created out of emotions that many patients feel on a daily basis - like they were meant for more but their minds and bodies feel otherwise. Since CBY was created by patients, our team understand the daily battles you deal with both mentally and physically. We’ve been there, we’ve lived it, and now we want to help.

CBY Founder Brian Greenberg lived in his parent's basement for years while dealing with severe Crohn’s disease. He wanted to do more but he didn’t know how. After his most recent major surgery, he started building a plan to reclaim his life. It took a while for him to recover but when he did, Brian began to read, listen, and learn all he could from some of the brightest minds in the world.

Brian learned some of the best practices from industry leaders, top executives, and entrepreneurs who have become wildly successful. One thing he noticed was that many of the best practices that they do every day could be adopted by patients all over the world - with some tweaking. The early plan for Chronically Better You was set in place. 

It was time to put it to the test and Brian has transitioned from living in his parent’s basement and wondering when his next hospital visit would be to moving out, becoming a financial representative, running his own non-profit, and starting Chronically Better You.

Our team, which includes Lesli Hammerschmidt, Ben Seraphin, and Casey Miller, have worked countless hours to perfect a system that can be used by patients all over the world to organize their lives, become more productive in an effort to reach their goals, and track both their mental and physical health.

We are extremely passionate about seeing patients set their goals, work through them, and begin to live a better life while overcoming the obstacles (which we 100% understand) that come with living with a chronic disease. Our system will provide you with the necessary tools for both mind and body to help you succeed and create healthy habits to improve your life.

This is more than a business for us. It’s a passion project. Our goal is to help you better your life. So join our family and become a Chronically Better You!

Have questions for our team? Please feel free to email us at info@chronicallybetteryou.com.