Chronically Better University Podcast

Welcome to the Chronically Better University (CBU) podcast page. Our team wants to give patients who are living with a chronic illness the tools to live a better life with their disease, and that is what the CBU podcast will be all about. 

So what is the Chronically Better University (CBU) podcast and what do we hope for it to become? 

We want our podcast to be EXTREMELY interactive with the chronic illness community, so our goal is to take your questions and put them ON the show. CBY founder, Brian Greenberg, and guests will take your questions on the podcast, letting you know the best ways to handle a wide variety of situations. 

How can you become part of the podcast?

The first step is to leave your question on the Chronically Better University Podcast voice mail at 914-893-4981

Below are some suggestions that can help you get on the show. 

  • Keep your call under 3 minutes. We're not saying that we instantly delete really long calls without even listening to them…well, but we will do our best to include them. BUT your chance of being on the show is lowered.
  • Try to get the best sound quality– if you are calling from a cell phone while taking your car through a car wash, chances are your call won't make it on the show. Landlines are best, and if you must use your cell, find a nice, quiet spot to call from.
  • The response calls - We want to hear your comments about the most recent show and how you would deal with a chronic illness situation. Calls about shows that aired months ago aren't going to make it on the podcast. If you want to weigh in on an older show, leave your comment on the specific episode page at
  • Calls made to 914-893-4981 are only for the CBU podcast and aren't a way to reach CBY or Brian Greenberg personally. Please note that if you leave a message on the CBU Podcast voicemail, you are consenting to have it air on the show.
  • And finally– thank you. This show is only possible because of your amazing calls from our chronic illness communities. We really appreciate you sharing so much with us.

Types of Chronically Better You Podcast episodes:

  • Chronically Better University Episodes - We are not alone, which means when one patient has a question others do too. Brian and guests will take your questions on the show and let you know some possible ways of dealing with a variety of situations.
  • Tool Box Episodes - These will be shorter podcasts that cover specific topics, which our team believes can help chronic illness patients as a whole.
  • Better Life Episodes - These will be extended podcasts that Brian will be interviewing chronic illness advocates from a wide variety of diseases about how they have lived with their illness.
  • Minisodes - These will be short podcasts to help support the community and give a little boost when a chronic illness patient might need them most. 

We look forward to the CBU podcast helping patients with a wide variety of diseases live a better life on a daily basi, while battling their illness. 

Thank you for being a part of the CBY family and helping so much with the CBU podcast.